Setkání s Marcusem Tanem na téma „Theatrimusicality: Researching in the Interstice of Theatre and Sound“

Ústav hudební vědy srdečně zve na setkání, na kterém své bádání o hudebním divadle na téma “Theatrimusicality: Researching in the Interstice of Theatre and Sound” představí Dr. Marcus Tan.

15. června 2023, 14.00

Knihovna Ústav hudební vědy FF UK (místnost 402)

Abstract: Theatrimusicality is the title of an upcoming book written by Tan but, more importantly, it is a conceptual approach to thinking intermodally, in the interstice between theatricality and musicality, and theatre and sound / music more broadly. In this presentation, Tan will share his past and present research on working in-between the disciplines of theatre and performance studies, and sound and music studies. Tan is interested in the hermeneutics of sound and music in theatre and performance as well as theatricality’s role in music performances. He will speak about his early research on sound and music in intercultural performance, which resulted in a pioneering monograph, Acoustic Interculturalism (Palgrave Macmillan 2012), his current research on theatricality in experimental music performances, as well as a new book Music Theatre and Politics: Hegemonies, Resistances, Utopias, co-edited with Tereza Havelková.

Bio: Marcus Tan is Assistant Professor of Drama at the National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University Singapore. His publications include Acoustic Interculturalism: Listening to Performance (Palgrave 2012), Performing Southeast Asia: Performance, Politics and the Contemporary (Palgrave 2020), and other book chapters and articles in journals such as TDR, TRI, CTR and Performance Research. He is the co-editor of the special issue “Sounding Corporeality” of Theatre Research International (46.2). His forthcoming publications include Music Theatre and Politics: Hegemonies, Resistances, Utopias (OUP) and Theatrimusicality: Seeing and Hearing the Interstice (Palgrave). Marcus is the online content editor for Theatre Research International and Secretary-General (Communications) of the IFTR. His main research areas include intercultural theatre, performance soundscapes and acoustemologies. He is currently examining performance in immersive virtual environments as means of empathic learning, as part of a research grant awarded by the Ministry of Education. With another research grant, Marcus is also working with the National Archives of Singapore to create a Singapore sound library and sound map.

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