PhD Programme

General characteristics

PhD programmes at the Faculty of Arts are either full-time or part-time and the students follow an individual study plan under the guidance of a supervisor. Musicology is a fee-paying programme; the annual study fee is 2 000 CZK. The language of instruction is English.

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Description of the entrance examination and evaluation criteria

Entrance examination: one-round examination, interview

  1. discussion on the dissertation proposal (dissertation topic and assessment of the applicant’s aptitude): 0–30 points
  2. assessment of the previous studies and professional activities of the applicant: 0–15 points
  3. examination of subject-related literature (based on the applicant’s reading list): 0–15 points

Doctoral study program of musicology is open to master graduates in the field of musicology from foreign universities. Candidates are required to make the members of the examining body acquainted with their prior professional career, subject(s) of previous study, practical field experience and publishing activities to date, if applicable. Candidates are obliged to submit a written proposal of their future dissertation project. The proposal will serve as the basis for an academic discussion aimed at examining both the candidates’ familiarity with the essential theoretical foundations of the discipline and their knowledge of topics related to the proposed dissertation project. Candidates should demonstrate elementary passive knowledge of the Czech language. In order to read academic literature and to study sources written in Czech they will be encouraged to improve their Czech language proficiency in the course of their studies.

Recommended Dissertation Topics

  • Repertoire of the Latin Choral Chant in the Bohemian Lands and Its European Contexts
  • Medieval and Renaissance Vocal Polyphony in the Bohemian Lands and Its European Contexts
  • Structure and Institutions of Musical Life in the Bohemian Lands during 16th–20th Centuries
  • Music and Musical Theatre in the Bohemian Lands during 18th–20th Centuries and Its European Contexts
  • Prominent Composers and Performers of 18th–20th Centuries Linked to the Bohemian Lands
  • Musical Styles and Movements in the Bohemian Lands in 20th and 21st Centuries and Their International Contexts

Development of a project proposal requires a further specification of the topic, which has to be consulted with the potential Ph. D. supervisor.

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