Changing Identities

Changing identities in the musical culture of Central Europe in the late Middle-Ages

Project of the Czech Science Foundation (No. 15-11036S)

The musical culture of Central Europe in the late Middle Ages is attracting considerable attention on the part of international musicological researchers today. Earlier, this area tended to be interpreted as peripheral in relationship to the leading Western European musical centres, but today it is seen as a source of distinctive cultural values created in interaction with other European regions and at the same time through development of specific local traditions. In musical practice, these mechanisms are represented by reception and adaptation of foreign compositions as well as through compositions by local composers, which are often based on older musical material well known in Central Europe. One of the important problems of late medieval musical practice is the changing of identities of the musical repertory in the context of cultural, spiritual and intelectual life of its time.These phenomena can be studied especially in musical genres with musical and textual structures that were often transformed and therefore their functions changed (e.g. song and related genres, hymn).

Research team

Lenka Hlávková (Department of Musicology|profile) – Project leader
Martin Bažil (Institute of Latin and Greek Studies|profile)
Jan Ciglbauer (Department of Musicology|profile)
David Eben (9-12/2015)
Veronika Mráčková (until 31. 8. 2015)

External colleagues

Adéla Ebersonová (Institute of Latin and Greek Studies)
Tomáš Mandlík
Jana Vozková (Department of Music History, Institute of Ethnology, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic)


Bc. Štefánia Demská (Department of Musicology)
Bc. Frederik Pacala (Department of Musicology)


  • Colloquium Fontes Cantus Bohemiae, 17. 2. 2015. Programme
  • Workshop Changing Identities, 13. – 14. 11. 2015. Programme
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