Library of Department of Musicology is one of the libraries at the Faculty of Arts of Charles University. The library collects and makes available literature about music. Included are primarily musicological areas, such as history of music, theory of music, history of theatre, aesthetics of music, ethnomusicology. Furthermore, there are sheet-music, audio recordings (LP, CD), audiovisual recordings (VHS, DVD, Blu-ray). As separate units, the library also preserves the libraries inherited by Zdeněk Fibich, Michael Morrow, Antonín Škarka, František Mužík, the correspondence of the publisher František Augustin Urbánek, and a collection of historical books and manuscripts. The library also includes documents from private libraries of Otakar Hostinský, Zdeněk Nejedlý, Mirko Očadlík, Adolf Čech and František Mužík.

Except for the above mentioned collection of historical items – books, manuscripts and phonograph records, – the whole collection of the library is searchable through the Charles University Library Catalogue, which provides all the necessary information about loaning conditions.

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