Academic Staff

Musical Culture before 1600

  • Mgr. Jan Baťa, Ph.D. (Czech Renaissance│profile)
  • prof. PhDr. David Eben, Ph.D. (Gregorian chant│profile)

Musical Culture after 1600

  • doc. Mgr. Marc Niubo, Ph.D. (Music of the 17th and 18th centuries│profile)
  • Dr. Mgr. Markéta Štědronská (Music of the 19th century│profile)

Cultural Studies of Music

  • Mgr. Tereza Havelková, Ph.D. (Cultural analysis; musical theatre of the 20th and 21th centuries│profile)
  • Mgr. Vít Zdrálek, Ph.D. (Ethnomusicology, South African music culture│profile)

Lecturers of Music Theory and Analysis

  • doc. Mgr. Eduard Douša, Ph.D. (Music theory│profile)
  • PhDr. Miroslav Pudlák, CSc. (Analysis and history of the 20th century music│profile)
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