Univerzita Karlova
Filozofická fakulta
Ústav hudební vědy
nám. Jana Palacha 2
116 38 Praha 1

IČO: 00216208
DIČ: CZ00216208

During the period of closure of the 4th floor of the main building of the Faculty of Arts (tentatively until the end of September 2024), the secretariat can be reached on an alternative telephone number +420 221 663 424.
Office hours: mon 9-13, tues 11-15, thurs 9-13


+420 221 619 224 (office│Mgr. Lenka Schneider)
+420 221 619 431 (director, erasmus coordinator│doc. Mgr. Marc Niubo, Ph.D.)
+420 221 619 828 (library│Bc. Anna Kaznacheeva)

E-mail (office│Mgr. Lenka Schneider) (library│Mgr. Anna Kaznacheeva) (web│Mgr. Jan Ciglbauer, Ph.D.)

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Ústav hudební vědy FF UK (Official page)
Hudební věda FF UK (Informal group of our former and current students, lecturers and supporters)
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FFugatto – spolek studentů ÚHV (Student’s club of ÚHV)

Ústav hudební vědy

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